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what else can I try besides test for my goals?

I’ve had an interesting steroid Journey for the past couple years
did 250 milligrams of testosterone for my first cycle and I’ve done a couple tren cycles as well since.
Right now I’m at 215 pounds, 37 years old and 14% body fat. I’m looking to pack on more muscle from here
what else should I try along with some testosterone this time? Tren was great, but the sides we’re awful for me and I don’t wish to use it again ever

Testosterone should be you base structure, if you are looking to add lean mass gains you can look into GP TMX Blend It contains all longer esters so it also works well for those who do not like injecting often. The blend is made up of Masteron Enanthate 100mgs, Trenbolone Enanthate 100mgs, and Testosterone Enanthate 200mgs, which adds up to 400mgs total per 1ML I would add SuperDrol Orals to the stack, Be sure to have AI estrogen blocker on hand. PCT after the primary cycle.
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