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I been ordering from Ugfreak some time now and they are never disappointing.
Para Pharma Test e 250
Para Pharma primo 100
Paratropin hgh
Been under the knife and had shoulder surgery. This is the first time i run hgh, and I must say its showing some results.
10 weeks and I can already start going to the gym lifting again, tho doctor said 15-20 weeks.
Can just be me healing different.
Been using 4iu a day.
Sleep and skin have improved aswell.
Highly recommending shopping here.
TOUCHDOWN!! Ordered International order on June 22, delivered today July 3rd! I've yet to receive an International order from anyone else at anywhere even close to this speed. Last one was 12 days, this 1 was 11! Way to go Napsgear, thanks again.
3 Test Cyp 250
2 Selank
6 Semax
Plus the freebies, 1 Test Prop and 4 Cialis
All products are Dragon Pharma.
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