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Some major pinning problems


First off roids-usa sucks when it comes to shipping. They take forever just to ship it out and always blame the post office. That should have been a red flag but i was dumb and ordered more gear anyway
Their testosterone is awful. I pinned it into my quad and the next day I could not even walk. it felt really weird too after I injected it like I was getting dizzy and some type of head rush. I ended up going to the emergency room and they said that I had a major abscess and I show them what I was injecting and they said that that was why. do not trust this gear unless you want to get sick
you need to be careful pinning dirty gear. it can literally kill you. i recommend napsgear if you want legit gear has 0.0 trust
Always educate yourself with reviews, user feedback threads, progress pictures etc. My preference is to stick with the most trusted places out there, and that is in all aspects of anything... my best experiences have always come with !

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