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After a long summer with good old Primobolan,
it's time to rediscover old friend in a new guise: Turinabol

I have this INJECTABLE tbol for too long standing in my wonders' box, the time has come to use it.

1 ml - 50 mg/ed taken in the evening 1 hour before workout.

Test ISO 100 mg M-W-F + 250 mg test Undeco on Sunday (550 mg/week)

HGH 2 IU/ed

5 meals a day. About 3200-3300 kcal/day (to be increased if and when necessary)
Pro: 200 gr
Carbs: 500 gr
Fats: 45-50 gr

The goal is to start gaining mass, this will go on at least until March/April.
Switching to Stenbolone, DHB and some orals
I want to put at least 10 lbs of clean and maintainable mass.

Last but not least
Heartfelt thanks to Euro-Pharmacies which produces high quality products, thanks to puritysourcelabs which allows me to have these products, Vision and all the fantastic team.
and thanks also to you guys who read, advise, criticize, thus allowing me to always improve.

..let's get started



First two injections go without any problems, neither immediately, nor the following days
I used 27G needle as usual.
Smooth as silk

EP Rulez!

The new label rocks

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