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Dbol Making A Comeback - UPsteroid Product Of The Week Promo!!

Jayne Scott

Approved Supporter
Hello guys,

I know most of you are already knowledgeable about Dbol. But for the uninitiated, I'll leave this here;

Dianabol (Dbol) is a Testosterone derived AAS that is 17CAA methylated for oral consumption. Dbol was actually designed specifically for performance enhancement. Dbol can be used as a base drug in a standalone cycle or stacked with other gear.

Some experts say that you can gain between 10 to 15 Ibs of weight within a week of your Dbol cycle in addition to experiencing strength gains.

Within 4 to 5 days of your Dbol cycle, you should experience dramatic strength gains with your usual workout weights turning into warmup weights.

By the end of your Dbol cycle, you may gain upwards of 20 Ib of mass.

However, you should always consult your doctor before using Dbol or any AAS for that matter because Dbol can cause water retention which could lead to high blood pressure. Also, because Dbol will aromatize in the body and raise your estrogen levels which puts you at risk of having gynecomastia.

This can occur within a few days of your cycle, so you should have a SERM like Nolvadex or an AI available before running a Dbol cycle.

Meet with your doctor and/or trainer to work out a plan that would boost your performance while mitigating the risks of Dbol use. If you are ready to start using Dbol, then you can start today by taking advantage of our product of the week promo below;

***DIANABOL DRAGON-PHARMA: Buy 2 and get +1 FREE! *up to 8 Dianabol purchased = + 4 FREE!***

**Valid until June 20, 2022**

P.S: Our in-house IFBB PRO can help you get started on your cycle today.

Dbol from Upsteroid is legitimate and trusted.

Upsteroid is one of my top brands now. Will send a few guys to you.

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