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    GHRP-6 and hcg for between cycle bridge?

    Looking to use peptides and run GHRP-6 dose of 150mcg 2x per day and hcg 1000iu’s 3x per week. This will be my in between cycle bridge in lieu of an actual pct. I’m a skinny guy and I would like to keep most of my gains so I want to take something that’s going to boost my appetite and keep me...
  2. GDRoids

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    Baboon pharma steroids , HCG , SARMS all kinds 50% off(HGH not included) . Buy ONE get ONE FREE all kinds available(HGH included). Each order coming with blind box gift only April !!! No restrictions, No code needed . just place an order directly on the Website : Telegram...
  3. G

    22 years old first cycle

    I’m gonna be using steroids for the first time after two years of solid lifting under my belt. Coaches and trainers at the gym have been amazed that my progress I went from 135 pounds to 160 pounds and just two years and they say that I have the ability to turn pro one day. That is why I am...
  4. J

    Adding hcg to my steroid stack

    Looking to use deca, test, and maybe some oral dbol/tbol. Was curious how to use hcg in this stack for best results? I know hcg can help prime your balls and prevent shutdown. But not sure what other advantages it can give me on cycle. I can buy a vial of it for around $75. how many will I need...
  5. S

    Had a question about test supps

    So I see so many different testosterone boosters out there and I'm going to start experimenting with them one of the things that I'm not finding though is the half-life of using these products. for example if I use them in the morning does it take a couple days for them to really kick in or...
  6. K

    First cycle and 70kgs

    I’m 5’6’’ and like 11% body fat Training 90 minutes a day and 6 days a week. some would say I'm overtraining but that's okay because I love it. I also do keto diet and I eat around 2000-2200 calories a day. 200 I'm also following intermittent fasting where i do 8 hour window I’m looking to lean...
  7. T

    Blasting and cruising protocol to follow

    28 years old, 5’6’’ and 195 pounds. 12% body fat I can already bench 420 pounds and my squat is 600+. My goals are keeping strength and not losing it I’m gonna follow a 2 shot a week plan for my cruise dose. The only thing i need help with is dosing information Was thinking of a good plan of...
  8. A

    Rich piana steroid stack

    I saw a Rich Piana steroid stack online and I wanted to mimic it as much as I could within reason I’m a big guy like he was. 5’10’’ 245 pounds. And 32 years old. I’ve also got tattoos and piercings as well so i am used to needles My plan was lots of trenbolone, testosterone and masteron Thinking...
  9. A aka DrugsGear - Your Local Reliable Supplier

    Hello everyone, my name is Alan. We were originally known as DrugsGear. Unforeseen life circumstances forced us to create a new website - AlanDomestic.La We have been in the game 10+ years. We carry great brands: Balkan, SP Laboratory, Pharmacom, ZPHC, Spectrum, Canada Peptides, Bayer, Astra...
  10. H

    Do i have to mix hgh and hcg from napsgear?

    Hey i had a question about napsgear products Specifically their human growth hormone and hcg products do I need to mix them together or do they come to me arrived as already mixed. If i have to mix do they sell bac water to mix or do i have to buy on own?
  11. M

    Bloodwork numbers

    I got my blood work done before I started my cycle and a couple things were off. My AST and ALT were a few points above normal Also BUN was above normal and glucose was in the 110’s would it be safe to start my cycle with these numbers being like this or should I wait? My planned cycle was...
  12. E

    Simple 10-week cycle

    a buddy of mine hook me up with a cycle he said would work good and was very safe. What do you think? 10 weeks testosterone enanthate 500mg a week HCG 500IU twice a week 20-40mg a day Nolvadex 32 years old 5’10’’ 177 pounds
  13. X has bunk hgh

    human growth hormone is the most fake thing out there these days it seems and it's harder to find good quality products not like it was 20 years ago when I first got into body building. I used this source finestgears Which was a huge mistake because they sent me bunk product that is really HCG.
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