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TOUCHDOWN!! Ordered International order on June 22, delivered today July 3rd! I've yet to receive an International order from anyone else at anywhere even close to this speed. Last one was 12 days, this 1 was 11! Way to go Napsgear, thanks again.
3 Test Cyp 250
2 Selank
6 Semax
Plus the freebies, 1 Test Prop and 4 Cialis
All products are Dragon Pharma.
Totally vouching for Napsgear here, folks. Their stuff is legit amazing, and I've seen some real gains. No doubts about the quality of their products - they're the real deal.

Got my order right on time, too. The shipping was spot on, and everything came perfectly packed, so nothing was damaged or anything. They really make sure you get your stuff quickly and in top shape.

If you're hunting source, this is your spot.
Naps is my go to store for gear easiest site to navigate to make payments to s of high end gear it's all good stuff service from top to bottom number 1 source for me they have more ways for cash promos discounts then anywhere by far the best there is thank naps
their website is really slow for some reason. but easy to navigate, good selection, and fast shipping.
Napsgear has it all?
Looking to just shop at one place instead of making multiple orders at different sources
Just want to confirm from the good people here that napsgear is in fact a place i buy everything i need for on cycle including steroids and also other things that I need and also for my post Cycle Therapy needs.
napsgear is the real deal
I’ve been a customer of some other sources for years. Recently switched to napsgear cause my other sources were charging too much and giving me grief whenever I had an issue
napsgear is always on top of things. They give me great service and their steroids so far after 5 weeks are incredible. Can see the changes already
Napsgear delivers the goods
Maybe the cleanest website I've ever shop for steroids on. The site can be a little slow to load but there's a lot of contents on there. They even have a lot of advice and stuff like that that you can scroll through which I like.
I ended up placing an order and couldn’t be any easier, napsgear is quality products
Found my home with napsgear
I got my tracking number literally the next day after I place my order. This has never happened to me ever when I'm ordering steroids. Usually my guy at the gym takes forever to get my stuff and when I order online it takes usually 5 to 6 weeks to get my stuff.
I love the speed but more importantly their gear is fantastic
Napsgear is always a great source
This is my third time using them and they're shipping a super-fast and their gear is top-notch quality
I wouldn't waste my time using any other source. I'm currently doing there trenbolone enanthate. After a week the results started coming on hard, gained 8 pounds already after about 3 weeks.
I am running t400 and anavar oxandrolone from napsgear
so far my results have an excellent. I'm getting more aggression and I'm also having my blood work come in very good on this cycle. I tested over 1,600 on only 200 MGS a week
I'm also gaining approximately 8 lb since I started the cycle and it's all good way I look thinner in the mirror
Napsgear is my trusted brand.
ordered 4 or 5 times now, a few small orders and last big order.
I found the orders came fast domestic and 1 international order was slower.
last order trenbolone geneza and testosterone cypionate geneza gp test c250.
fast delivery 5 days! amazingly fast for a source
fast delivery good source
purchased weekend sale dragon pharma and geneza amazing results so far with trenbolone testosterone
First order with Naps. I’ve only received part of it. Ordered a week ago today and received all of the biomex labs order. Everything looks great, nice and clean. Packaging is great and the products arrived in top condition. Still waiting on the Blue Tops and HCG to ship. Crazy getting a good chunk of an order before the rest even ships! But I’m happy so far with what I’ve gotten and hopefully I will be seeing a shipping notification for the remainder of the order soon. I’m a high stress person so this whole avenue is a roller coaster for someone like myself. Anyway, will update when the rest arrives and I’m certain it’ll be a 5 ⭐️ experience from start to finish.
3rd cycled picked up from
tbol test and mast
ran 40mgs tbol 400mgs test enan and 300mgs of mast enan
hella good pumps and getting big and thick, last week i pushed 405 on the bench for 12 reps
my first order with napsgear
customer support was easy to deal with payment help I needed badly
didnt know shit about bitcoins lol figured it out within 2 days and had my pack in 8 days from day I ordered 2 payment 6 shipping time
cycle I did before
test enan 250
superdrol gp
second napsgear order! this time geneza primobolan and winstrol with anavar, a mod recommended me a good cycle.
shipping 7 days domestic
package was clean my girl don't notice
started cycle 2 weeks ago, 300mgs primo 2 shots, 10mg winny and 20mg var
napsgear #1
was not sure about ordering from naps I was using a different domestic source before
picked up 400$ cycle from naps got it in 5 days! paid with crypto no problem

sent 2 emails got ticket support response fast and easy
would rate very high
I wont lie I got a 40% coupon to use napsgear and decided to give it a shot, well I was surprised. The domestic line is good quality, picked geneza pharma, arrived in 6-7 days I think from payment time. Got some test cyp, was looking for cypionate for a while right, these days mostly enanthate out there.
Anyhow so far cycle been going good almost 4 weeks in, going to post updates on this review later once I'm into pct.
my strength is up I'm happy with this cycle for sure.
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