HCGenerate or HCGenerate ES?

I read about hcgenerate classic and hcgenerate ES as a PCT test booster.
Yet I cannot understand which one is better?
I understand ES is more expensive than classic, but how about ingredients, are they different?
Please help me choose which is best for me. :slight_smile:

IMPORTANT NOTE: N2BM changed the name of HCGenerate to N2Generate due to the original name being too hardcore. The pharmaceutical companies didn’t like an herbal product so powerful on the market. So they forced the change…Therefore, keep in mind the new N2Generate and N2Generate ES names as you read this, they are interchangeable.

I’ve used both HCGenerate and HCGenerate ES. In both PCT and off-cycle, and I can safely say HCGenerate ES (ES = extra strength) is stronger than classic. However, this doesn’t mean it’s better. ES and classic have their places.

Let me explain:
For PCT, HCGenerate ES and Classic are used as bridge into recovery side by side. You start the PCT with the heavy and powerful ES and go into classic as your endocrine system is recovering and your LH and FSH go up.

For example, if you were doing a Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) and HCGenerate PCT, it would look like this.
60 Day Nolvadex + HCGenerate PCT Example
Day 1-30 (HCGenerate ES based)
Day 1-5: 40mgs of tamoxifen/day + 4 tabs HCGenerate ES/day
Day 6-17: 60mgs of tamoxifen/day + 5 tabs HCGenerate ES/day
Day 18-22: 40mgs of tamoxifen/day + 5 tabs HCGenerate ES/day
Day 23-30: 30mgs of tamoxifen/day + 4 tabs HCGenerate ES/day
Continue Day 31-75 (HCGenerate Classic based)
Day 31-45: 20mgs of tamoxifen/day + 4 caps HCGenerate Classic/day
Day 46-60: 10mgs of tamoxifen/day + 5 caps HCGenerate Classic/day
Day 61-75: 3 caps HCGenerate Classic/day

I hope this helps you. But if your post your current PCT plan, I can help you modify it.

@StanSmith that’s awesome. I really wanted to know about using hcgenerate during my PCT. I had issues properly plugging it in.

THANK YOU! :slight_smile: this will help me a lot. I was really confused with ES vs classic lol.

My cycle is 500mgs of testosterone cypionate and 50mgs of anavar.
For pct, I read about doing clomid hcg and hcgenerate but confused which to use. Can you help me please?

I’m not a big fan of clomid (clomiphene). Why? Simply because I think it makes guys emotional. So I tend not to recommend it on PCT. You don’t have a heavy cycle, so after your last shot of testosterone cypionate, you need to wait 15 days then start your PCT. (keep reading…)

So if last shot is on 08/15, you would start your PCT on 08/30. This 15 day period is called PPCT (or Pre-PCT). It’s a rarely discussed topic, but it’s a crucial period. It’s the period between the clearance of your last injectable ester and the optimal time to use SERMS and test boosters/recovery agents.

Day 1-15: 5 tabs of HCGenerate Classic/ED + 6 caps of N2Guard + 3 caps/cardazol

For your test/var cycle, I suggest this kind of PCT:
Week 1-4
Day 1-10: 80mgs of nolvadex (tamoxifen)/ED + 4 tabs of HCGenerate ES/ED
Day 11-20: 60mgs of nolvadex (tamoxifen)/ED + 5 tabs of HCGenerate ES/ED
Day 21-30: 40mgs of nolvadex (tamoxifen)/ED + 4 tabs of HCGenerate ES/ED + 3 caps of N2Guard
Week 5-8
Day 31-40: 20mgs of nolvadex (tamoxifen)/ED + 4 caps of HCGenerate Classic/ED + 3 caps of N2Guard + 3 caps/cardazol
Day 41-50: 5 caps of HCGenerate Classic/ED + 6 caps of N2Guard + 3 caps/cardazol
Day 51-60: 3 caps of HCGenerate Classic/ED + 2 caps of N2Guard + 2 caps/cardazol

Products you will need:

  • Nolvadex (tamoxifen)
  • HCGenerate ES
  • HCGenerate Classic
  • N2Guard
  • Cardazol


  • Caps = capsules
  • Tabs = tablets
  • / = per
  • mgs = milligrams
  • ED = every day

P.S. Since you’re using anavar, check out our var profile here

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WOW! Thank you for the amazing PCT. This will help me a lot.