Dosing Cardarine GW501516

I’ve cycle a little in the past but not much. Did some anavar when younger.

For men, 40-45 years/old, what would you guys recommend as my cardarine dose? I understand gw501516 is used between 10-30mgs per day, correct?

My goals are cardio and getting lean.
P.S. what about adding cardazol?

Cardarine is one of those sarms that’s not dose dependent. IMO, the difference between using 20mgs per day and 30mgs per day is not much, but there is a possible increase in side effects.

Nonetheless, you can try using 20mgs per day, split into 10mgs in the morning and 10mgs prior to training.

Cardazol is dosed like this:
1 capsule in the morning, AM after you wake up
1 capsule 2 hours later
1 capsule 30 min prior to training
1 capsule 15 min prior to training
1 capsule - right before training

btw, What cardarine brand are you using?

@StanSmith thank you! I am thinking of using 20mgs/day right now.

For the cardazol, do I take it on an empty stomach in the morning?

I’m using esarms cardarine

That’s a good choice, ES cardarine gw is good quality.

For the cardazol, yes, you can take your 1st capsule on an empty stomach when you wake up. It’s the best time to pre-load your system before training.

Can I take all the cardazol at once?

I don’t suggest you take all 6 capsules of cardazol at once.
Basically, a good analogy is drinking a good cup of espresso coffee. 1 cup tastes great and makes you feel good, and in a few hours you can take another cup, but if you drink 5 cups of coffee in a span of 15 minutes - you’ll feel jittery and uneasy. Taking too much of anything (no matter how good) at once, is not the best idea.

Always try to space out your dosing schedule. That goes for SARMS, supplements and all other products you’re using.

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@StanSmith great! you’re a big help thank you. :smile: