Best cycle /Stack for lean mass gain...

Hey guys so im looking into starting my 3rd cycle here in the next month or so and just wanted some options from anyone who has been at this a lot longer then me.I wanna run something that is gonna really add some strength but i also dont wanna put on a ton of weight. Im currently at around 215 but i want to add some more mass while staying lean at the same time. Im interested in trying dbol this time around but just on the fence on what kind of stack im gonna put together to get the right results. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated… My last cycle consisted of… Thanks in advance!!

Test prop EOD 16 weeks
test cyp EOD 16 weeks
tren a EOD 8 weeks
anavar ED8 WEEKS

Your last cycle is pretty good. Did you use ancillaries and what was your PCT? :slight_smile:

For your next cycle, especially you don’t want to put on weight but want the strength, I suggest you try this:

Week 1-8
Testosterone propionate 100mgs EOD
Trenbolone acetate 100mgs EOD
Winstrol 20mgs ED
Cardarine 20mgs ED
Arimidex 0.5mgs ED

Week 9-16
Primobolan 400mgs/week
Equipoise 200mgs/week
Testosterone cypionate 400mgs/week
Ostabolic 25mgs ED
Arimidex 0.5mgs ED