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Nordic Fusion

Approved Source
To the community of Anabolex,

Nordic Fusion is the main Canadian Source on Evoluntionary. We were kindly given the opportunity to promote our services here on Anabolex as well, as some spots have opened up to take on a few more clients.
*If we cannot take you on right away, we will make note to reach out to you as soon as spots open up*

We were once a private lab, but have decided to re-open to the public for the foreseeable future. The reason we have quickly become Canada’s go-to lab is simply because we have the best products. Nordic Fusion offers the highest quality available in Canada. There's no other way to put it. We have nothing to sell anyone, we let the results and reviews speak for themselves. The progress our clients are making is absolutely insane. Outside of the obvious importance of a smart diet and hard training, this has been exactly the edge they've been looking for to take things to the next level.

With that being said, we understand that there will always be a degree of skepticism when trying to find a reputable source you can put your trust in. We know every lab says they're the best. That's exactly why we want this to be a completely un-biased thread that is built by the members, for the members - If we fail to deliver, you'll hear about it here first. Meaning that the only way we can continue to succeed is by fulfilling our promise to you that our product quality and service is unrivaled.

As you'll see below, we pride ourselves on the amount of value we bring to our clients compared to others in this space. Seriously though - We genuinely care about what’s inside our vials and capsules and we show this by offering complete transparency. All oils are made with pharma-grade grapeseed oil, and all products are overdosed 5-10% to account for raw impurities.

Another thing we promise to deliver to our clients is professional customer service. We understand that both delivery times and communication are two extremely important factors when working with a source. We always reply to all emails within the same day, and actively encourage our clients to reach out at any given time regarding their order. It's peace of mind, and people like to know they're not being ignored. Our general delivery time is 3-4 days, and tracking numbers are sent out within two business days. Our newly updated 2023 Price List we send out also has an order template with simple-to-follow instructions to help make it easier for new clients looking to place an order with us.

ANAVAR 20mg 50 Tabs
WINSTROL 20mg 50 Tabs
TURINABOL 20mg 50 Tabs
DIANABOL 20mg 50 Tabs
ANADROL 25mg 100 Tabs
SUPERDROL 10mg 50 Tabs
PROVIRON 25mg 50 Tabs
HALOTEST 10mg 50 Tabs
PRIMOBOLAN A 10mg 100 Tabs
CHEQUE DROPS 500mcg 50 Tabs
AROMASIN 12.5mg 50 Tabs
NOLVADEX 20mg 50 Tabs
ARIMIDEX 1mg 50 Tabs
CLOMID 25mg 50 Tabs
LETROZOL 1.25mg 50 Tabs
PRAMIPEXOLE 0.25mg 60 Tabs
RALOXIFENE 30mg 50 Tabs
PFIZER CABER 1mg 20 Tabs
CIALIS 20mg 50 Tabs
VIAGRA 50mg 50 Tabs
IRONMAN 30mg 50 Tabs
SUPER DAILYS 5mg 60 Tabs
PRILIGY 30mg 50 Tabs

TEST PROPIONATE 100mg/ml 10ml
TEST PROPIONATE 200mg/ml 10ml
TEST CYPIONATE 200mg/ml 10ml
TEST ENANTHATE 250mg/ml 10ml
TEST ACETATE 50mg/ml 10ml
T400 400mg/ml 10ml
SUSTANON 250 250mg/ml 10ml
SUSTANON 350 350mg/ml 10ml
TREN ACETATE 100mg/ml 10ml
TREN ENANTHATE 200mg/ml 10ml
TREN HEX 100mg/ml 10ml Vial
SUPERTREN 150mg/ml 10ml
POWER STACK 400mg/ml 10ml
ANOMASS 450mg/ml 10ml
TRENOMAST 200mg/ml 10ml
NPP 100mg/ml 10ml
DECA 300mg/ml 10ml
EQ 300mg/ml 10ml
MENT 50mg/ml 10ml
PRIMOBOLAN E 100mg/ml 10ml
PRIMOBOLAN E 200mg/ml 10ml
DHB 100mg/ml 10ml
TEST SUSPENSION 100mg/ml 10ml

CLENBUTEROL 100mcg 50 Tabs
CLENBUTEROL PEN 0.33mg (60 sprays) 10ml Pen
T3 (CYTOMEL) 100mcg 30 Tabs
T4 (SYNTHROID) 200mg 30 Tabs
YOHIMBINE 3mg 90 Tabs
NORDIC FLAME 60mg 50 Tabs
DNP 10g raw powder 10g

JEOTROPIN 100iu/kit 10 x 10iu
CITADEL 100iu/kit 10 x 10iu
HYGETROPIN 100iu/kit 10 x 10iu
PROTROPIN 100iu/kit 10 x 10iu
TB-500 5mg
BPC-157 5mg
CJC-1295 w/ DAC 2mg
AOD-9094 5mg
PT-141 10mg
HCG (pharma) 5000iu

NUTRABOL 15mg 60 Tabs
ANDARINE 50mg 30 Tabs
OSTARINE 50mg 30 Tabs
CARDARINE 20mg 30 Tabs
ANABOLICUM 10mg 30 Tabs
SR9009 10mg 60 Tabs
S23 10mg 60 Tabs
YK-11 10mg 60 Tabs
RAD-140 10mg 50 Tabs
RAD-150 10mg 60 Tabs
NOOPEPT 10mg 90 Tabs

Once you’ve purchased from Nordic Fusion, you'll become a lifelong client. Becoming a client is more than just receiving a product list. We offer cycle advice, feedback on bloodwork, suggestions on both beginner and advanced stacks, exclusive insider promotions/discounts, and just about anything else we can do to help reach your goal. Others do not understand these compounds like we do. If you combine this with the collective expertise of the forum community here, you're in good hands my friends.

On top of this, our personal guarantee is that if you feel you have had better results with another lab, we will give you your money back with no questions asked. We won't even waste your time. We'll just send the funds over.

If any items arrive damaged we will send a replacement using expedited shipping and cover all charges.

As a final point, if we ever decide to go private again, all existing clients will still have exclusive access to us as a lab.
(If you look at our original EVO thread from 2015 here, you will see multiple pages of members attempting to get a hold of us after initially going private. Don't miss the boat.)
If this is something you are interested in, reach out to us with the contact information below and if we have room we will send our Price List over as well as answer any questions you may have.

We are excited for you to see - and more importantly, feel, the caliber we're operating at right now first-hand. We are glad to be a part of such a great community of members and we thank everyone for the continued support.

Contact Information: [email protected] | [email protected]


Email Transfer
Bitcoin / Ethereum
Western Union
*If you are new to crypto, please reach out to us as we will give you as much information as required to successfully set up a Bitcoin Wallet to perform transactions (it’s easier than ever now with apps such as Shake Pay, etc.)*

Nordic Fusion is a Canadian Domestic operation only therefore we strictly will only deliver to Canadian residents.

Our goal is to have your package sent out by the next day. You will then receive a tracking number within two business days. If for whatever reason we can’t do this, we will show complete transparency and tell you why, and when it has been sent out. It's just peace of mind for the customer to know that their order will arrive safely, and we respect that. Never hesitate to reach out to us requesting an update. We will respond accordingly and keep you up to date. If anything arrives damaged, we will replace it.

We ask that you please only use end-to-end encrypted email services like Tutanota or ProtonMail.
Please remember that end-to-end encryption only works when on the same domain. If you’re using a Tutanota account, please send it to our Tutanota email. If you’re using a ProtonMail account, please send it to our ProtonMail email.

Oil Blend Info:
T400 – 150mg Test Decanoate/150mg Test Cypionate/100mg Test Enanthate
Powerstack – 50mg Tren Ace/150mg Tren Enanthate/200mg Test Enanthate
Anomass – 150mg Tren Enanthate/150mg Test Enanthate/150mg EQ
Trenomast – 100mg Tren Ace/100mg Mast Prop
Nordic Flame – 50mg Caffeine/5mg Albuterol/5mg Yohimbine
SuperTren – 50mg Tren Ace/100mg Tren Hex
Super Dailys – 5mg Cialis tabs
Ironman – 30mg Cialis/30mg Viagara

All tablets are mixed and produced with machinery that complies with GMP standards. Face masks are worn, as are gloves. All tablets are made in a separate area far from where vials are produced for sterility reasons in both areas.

The tablet binders, excipients, dyes, and APIs are measured, sifted, and then placed into a pharmaceutical mixer for 10-15 minutes to ensure consistent product dosing.
Once mixed, the tablet mix is fed into a tablet press, which then produces the final tabbed product. Tablets are then machine counted into each sachet.

Vials and stoppers are thoroughly washed in water, and then rinsed a second time with isopropyl. From there they are put into an autoclave for thorough sterilization.
Beakers and media bottles are washed with water first, then rinsed with isopropyl a second time. Once dried they are then put into an oven at 220 degrees for 30-45 minutes.
The tubing for sterile oil dispensing from beakers to media bottles is washed with isopropyl and dried at 170 degrees, then vacuum sealed until the next use.
Lab coats are worn throughout the whole process. Gloves are frequently changed due to the different types of solvents and materials used. Face masks are always worn while working with all substances.

After a cleaning of the entire production area with an isopropyl cleaner, the vials/media bottles are sterilized and placed to heat dry. While they bake, the injectables are prepared with care to ensure sterility. Once the hormone is thoroughly dissolved, it is run through a .22um Whatman Polycap filter into a sterile glass media bottle.
From the media bottles to the vials a peristaltic pump is used. New sterile tubing is used each time this is done. Once vials are filled, stoppers are put in place, and then tops crimped on.

All goods are tested first with a Labmax testing kit to verify that our producer has sent the right items. After that, a melt test is done to further verify that substances are exactly what they should be.

[email protected]
[email protected]
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