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  1. RickRock

    testosterone boosting for low libido

    I'd go get bloodwork to see what might be off
  2. RickRock

    using a stack of sarms for bulking

    I wouldn't recommend s23 to you. Take that one out Make sure its from a good source. Umbrella labs and rcs is who we recommend
  3. RickRock

    n2guard # per day on cycle?

    7 caps a day bro
  4. RickRock

    GHRP-6 200mcg per day total

    Dylan gave you some great advice
  5. RickRock

    do you shadow other lifters at the gym?

    There isn't really any of those people in my gym. Most people are average Joe's. I stand out there. but never really did that stuff anyways even in my early years. I put my research in early and learned a lot. I keep to myself at the gym and that's how I like it
  6. RickRock

    they feed us garbage at work

    I'm exposed to this stuff at work all the time too. Jist bring your own food like I do and food prep. Problem solved
  7. RickRock

    how best to use s4/andarine with gw501516

    It doesn't make sense to start woth the lower dose. Run the full dose from the start. Dylan also gave you some great advice
  8. RickRock

    getting jittery on tren + clen

    Man thats about the two worst things you can put together for your health. You're doing a number on your heart. Stop the clen immediately at the least
  9. RickRock

    I need my bloodwork in line

    Get on some n2guard and stop taking anything beyond your trt
  10. RickRock

    Masteron for a bigger dude

    It's main benefits are cosmetic and you won't see those benefits at your bodyfat
  11. RickRock

    hard gainer and sarms help

    At the end of the day no matter what you take you have to learn to eat the right amount of the right things. Take it from somebody that was a "hard gainer" in my younger years. You have to forcefeed a while until ypur body gets used to it. No such thing as a hard gainer. It's really as simple as...
  12. RickRock

    best fat burner supplements

    Fat burners supplements mostly suck. I'd recommend some gw and or some sr9009 from RCS or umbrella labs. That is your best bet
  13. RickRock

    Using 200mgs of 3 steroids per week thoughts

    No need for primo and masteron. Pick one and run it properly
  14. RickRock

    Doing 250mgs of 4 steroids

    Just pick two and run them properly
  15. RickRock

    lowering prolactin naturally?

    Mucuna pruriens
  16. RickRock

    bodyhealth protein products

    Never heard of them
  17. RickRock

    using sarms for sports

    Best one for sports is going to be gw for sure as far as endurance. If you want strength effects Dylan gave you a solid plan to include S4 and ACP
  18. RickRock

    doing a nice 10 week short ester cycle

    50mg eod will keep sides lower. I wouldn't go higher
  19. RickRock

    growing body hair and losing head hair help

    Avoid DHT steroids if you are prone to hair loss
  20. RickRock

    Best oral option with primo

    I'd raise the primo to 400 and test to 300. Still a low to no side cycle. The doses you gave won't do much imo For an oral add anavar
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