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    Did i lose my money?

    I just saw your DM thanks man. I think this pureanabolics guy is full of shit, complete liar now that I talked to u.
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    Approved Product Of The Week : Testosterone-E 300 (Pharmaqo Labs)

    I am trying to buy 50% off but its expired help
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    Did i lose my money?

    Thanks everyone! I just saw this thread! kept me from being scammed by pureanabolics-bz wooooohooo ordering from napsgear now
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    Tesofensine Exciting NEW Fat-Loss product

    this injectable or oral stuff? I dont get it
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    NOT APPORVED - the Direct Pharmacom Labs Store - Reviews and Feedback

    @Rick T so USA domestic will be like 5-7 days?
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    Approved Reviews and Discussion

    @Finestgears you going to say something?
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    Approved - NUMBER ONE SOURCE IN THE WORLD - Reviews and Feedback

    lol @BodyMonster34 loves his trenbolone for sure
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    3rd injectable cycle

    this is going to be my third injectable cycle, I had run oral only Cycles to previously before starting to inject. This cycle is going to be 10 weeks and I'm looking to recomp. Currently 26 years old 11% body fat in 180 lb testosterone propionate 500mg masteron propionate 300 mg Turinabol TBOL...
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