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  1. B invalid product code

    hello.. I also initially planned to order from - but I don't understand why HGH is offered in a vial with 100iu and lasts once mixed the vial 3-7 days in the refrigerator. I'm looking for 10x10iu vials and while I'm asking - which lab can you...
  2. B invalid product code

    I tried putting in the codes manually and got "product is authentic" results - I suspect there was some kind of error while scanning or a mistake while entering them.. please delete post - thx 🙏
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    Ulab HGH injection via HGH pen??

    Hello, please excuse me, I was busy at work, I'll write about it in the next few days..
  4. B invalid product code

    Hello, a friend ordered from deuspower.Shop and received the products. With 2 products, the Dianabols, the scan point is ok and the tP is invalid. what does this mean now? The colleague is now worried that the propionate is not real? Both products come from the same shop. thank you for your help
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    Ulab HGH injection via HGH pen??

    Hello Hello everyone .. I am planning my next cycle and I asked myself the following question. Is it possible to somehow transfer the mixed HGH into a cartridge so that I can then inject it with a pen or are there already HGH cartridges at ULabs which I can use with the Pfizer pen, for...
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    Approved TEAMROIDS - Best steroids online reviews and discounts

    Good evening .. I've been trying to place an order with one of the shops listed here for days .. unfortunately I have problems with the payment - I don't understand - how my bitcoin payment can be assigned to me - because I would like to pay in crypto. Do you also ship to Germany or will that...
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    Approved OSGear - Your Trusted Anabolic Store - Reviews and Feedback

    thanks for the quick help - I'm still at work and see parallel here purely in the forum. I have to order and look times after now in peace :-) then I'll get back to you! Thanks for the kind support. Greetings
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    Approved OSGear - Your Trusted Anabolic Store - Reviews and Feedback

    Hello everyone... I have a question regarding bitcoin payment. how do you know that the amount is from me - so related to my order? I get your bitcoin address emailed to pay only if I have then paid - how do you know that the money is from me? thank you
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    Approved 💉 Steroidify - Official Worldwide Pharma Distributor since 2008 🧪

    take a closer look later... maybe I'll order something - how will it be delivered to the EU? Thanks
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    Approved Reviews and Feedback

    Hello community .. I've been looking for a trustworthy shop for a long time - after all the positive reviews I'll try to place an order later and keep you informed .. I hope I won't be disappointed this time, best regards stay healthy
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