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    Very Concerned

    :mad::mad::mad: hey I was in the hospital for 2 weeks after injecting pharmacom I bought from basicstero, had bad infection and FEVER! FUCK YOU @smiro you shitty asshole shill
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    Approved Log My Opening Day - 1st Cycle - Rookie Log

    @bcbx212 you should cut carbs and increase cardio. No question about it.
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    Meditrope hgh tons of fluid

    I read on another forum that meditrope is mainly untrusted because he can't provide any lab tests for his hgh. I tried to search but can't find even 1 trusted lab on the blacktops.
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    Testosterone base with sarms

    Why not? testosterone helps burn fat so I can do test and get lean right.
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    Testosterone base with sarms

    Just planning my cycle I'm doing 500mgs testosterone enan or sustanon havent decided but I call it "test base" from what I read. can I use ostarine with test? what dose? are there side effects if I add testolone rad140 to test? I'm 240 want to get down to 220 but lean.
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