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    PuritySourceLabs Gold Line 50/50 Drol

    Thank you buddy, How are you doing? I just placed a order for some of the Gold Line Drol and also some Trestolone Ace Ment.
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    PuritySourceLabs Gold Line 50/50 Drol

    Just curious has anyone used PSL gold line 50/50 and if so what’s your experience running it?
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    Primobolan Acetate

    Hey what’s up everybody so I been looking at the awesome sale PSL is having and I have my eyes on their Primo Ace, So just looking for some feedback on people who have experience running primo Ace and what’s the best weekly dose and what were your results? Thanks
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    Stronglift 5x5 Program

    Just wondering anyone try strong lifts 5x5 program?
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    Gomad diet

    I just started the Gomad plan 3 days ago and I am using the Fairlife Whole Milk. I am going to run this for one month and see how much weight I can gain. Anyone else ever tried Gomad before?
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    Best Preworkout

    So what’s everyone favorite Preworkout supplement?
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    Bayer Amps

    Just wondering who else has used the Bayer test. Amps? I just started using them so I am pumped to see what type of results I achieve
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I know for a fact it’s not the Gear because I got it from a trusted source
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I am one month in right now
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    Mass and size programs

    Can anyone suggest a good mass and size program I can try ?
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I am eating in a cal surplus everyday so yes I am eating
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I don’t even know if this is possible but could I be on the wrong stack of juice and that’s why I am not changing anymore? I mean I have am not getting any bigger or stronger, I eat in a cal surplus and train 6 days a week, Currently I am on Sustanon 750mg a week and Super Tren 400mg a week and...
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    Dbol Dose

    Ok so I have been on Dbol for about 3 weeks now at 50mg Ed, I really don’t feel any stronger or haven’t gained much size, Should I up my dose to 100mg Ed?
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    Does N2slin help build muscle?
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    Why do I look small

    How do you dose the n2slin through out the day?
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    Why do I look small

    Damn it’s crazy some days I look so much smaller, the struggle is real, Anyone deal with this issue?
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    Balkan Viagra

    Just got me some Balkan viagra 100mg pills, Has anyone tried this brand before?
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    Dbol or Anavar

    Already guys you might think I am crazy but I decided to stack the Dbol and Anavar together and see what happens, I will be doing 50mg of each everyday
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    Alpha Pharma Oxanabol (Anavar) Or Balkan Pharma (Anavar)

    Hey guys which brand would you guys go with Alpha Pharma or Balkan Pharma for Anavar? I am at a crossroad on this one?
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    Dbol or Anavar

    Let me ask what I ran the Anavar at 30mg and Dbol at 50mg?
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