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  1. Norberto31


    @ugfreak is awesome. Very few if any sources take care of customers this well. I am now 100% convinced to order from them, I'll put in my order in June after this cycle PCT is done. Thinking para pharma trenbolone and winstrol but have not decided on the full stack.
  2. Norberto31

    NOT APPORVED - the Direct Pharmacom Labs Store - Reviews and Feedback

    @Rick T great promo for the community as always
  3. Norberto31

    My energy is poor on steroids

    you have a liver or kidney issue I think
  4. Norberto31

    NOT APPORVED The Provider of HGH

    I emailed you many times nothing
  5. Norberto31

    Approved - NUMBER ONE SOURCE IN THE WORLD - Reviews and Feedback

    30% is good sure but missed the 60% off sale from @ugfreak I will wait a bit
  6. Norberto31

    Old Man Cycle Log - 1st SARMS Cycle - (Sarms4Sale)

    @Maverick602 how did this cycle end? and new one?
  7. Norberto31

    NOT APPORVED The Provider of HGH

    The provider has quality blacktop hgh 100% good
  8. Norberto31 scammed again

    Damn realroids is a real rude scammer. Can someone here verify it's him? I bet 1000$ real roids scams.
  9. Norberto31

    NOT APPORVED Ironlion Lab reviews

    Please mods admins ban these scammers.
  10. Norberto31

    NOT APPORVED Ironlion Lab reviews

    Your janoshik results are photoshopped lies, your rep @REHH is a known scammer. He sends HCG instead of hgh to guys claiming he's domestic. Your whole operation stinks of a scam. Who wants to wait 30 days to get a pack of hgh when you can get it from napsgear in 5 days?!?! Why would anyone...
  11. Norberto31

    NOT APPORVED Ironlion Lab reviews

    OH DAMN! I too know 2 guys from the forums who got fake hgh from ironlion. Blood work was blank low IGF-1 levels. This source is a selective scammer. They try to sponsor forums so they can keep members mouths shut and not let the dirty secret of their business out. They make you wait 25 days...
  12. Norberto31

    High hematocrit (HCT) and donating blood.

    Strange for me too. I donate blood and I think it took me like 10 minutes for the whole process. Not long and easy no pain.
  13. Norberto31

    Bad hgh from

    You're saying that if you're somewhere for 10 years you cant be a source or a source rep? that's ludicrous. I can tell you're shilling for a source it's pretty clear, anyone can see it. You think we are blind man?
  14. Norberto31

    steroidology forums scammers my honest review

    That is very sick but it's not unusual. Steroidology was always known as a scammer place or reverse scammer or selective scammer, you name it they have it. Come on the roots of that forum is being ran by a research company, shady as hell. oh and sorry to hear this, you really got taken man...
  15. Norberto31

    steroidology forums scammers my honest review

    Steroidology is a forum that is ran by steroid sources with moderator names, FACT. I saw many bad reviews about them and I would never sign up to that forum. Remember they were doing those fake research rui chemicals. The liquidex and liquistane were fake and anyone who said otherwise was...
  16. Norberto31

    Steroidify Rep

    Good @ballin2504 rep it hard.
  17. Norberto31

    Triple B Solutions bunk

    Yes callling people names is the way to run your business. triple b solutions just go away you scammer.
  18. Norberto31

    Triple B Solutions bunk

    HOLY smokes! this is how he treats his customers? I would never use a source that attacks his customers for giving honest reviews. Man you are sad @athlete127 ! you should apologize to the customer.
  19. Norberto31

    Sarms.ForSale has questionable sales and customer service practices, even if their product quality is VERY good.

    You are straight and honest I believe you bro. I think s4s should make that pop up with names anonymous. And I don't agree with your thread being locked.
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