Its been awhile since i been on here, but anyway i went and had blood work done it was all good but they said my test levels were. 4200 so they put me on arimadex and said the gear i was getting was over dosed. So i did the !arimadex for 3weeks and went off the test i went back after 3week and they said my test was in the 3000 .now they put me on there cyp at 200 a week and sermorlin at 15iu a day and at 1 arimadex with each test shot. Im 6,1 195 bf around 6-7 % so how do you think i will do off that and do you think my test will drop and i should be where i need. I know that not good my level where that high hell jay cutler not that high lol .and has anybody taken sermorlin